No Money Down

Almost all of the Chapter 13 cases filed in our office are done with no money paid upfront.  If you have a regular source of income and you need to get bankruptcy relief you can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy without having to pay anything down for your attorney fees or costs.  You need to be able to do a budget that shows you have some money left over to fund a bankruptcy plan after deducting for your basic expenses.

A Good Option Under the Right Circumstances

This is an option if you don’t have the ability to come up with any funds for an attorney but you have to file to stop a garnishment of your wages or an lawsuit.  We normally sit down with you and go over all the options and let you choose.  A surprising number of people are in need of this service and as long as we can make things work we are happy to provide it.  All of the costs of the bankruptcy case will be put into your plan payment and the first payment comes due 30 days after the case is filed.

Don’t let the fear of not being able to afford the fees prevent you from contacting us and finding out about all of your options.