Bankruptcy, Professional Licenses, and Employment Discrimination

Many professionals, such as teachers, nurses, real estate brokers, and even funeral home directors are required to obtain a license or certification before they may begin a job in their chosen field. People in licensed professions or people who plan to become licensed often ask if a bankruptcy will affect their license or the ability to obtain a license in the future.  

Cross Collateralization Agreements

Cross collateralization is a provision in many credit union loan agreements. It can create some complications for someone who is filing for bankruptcy. Today’s post will discuss the clause and why it matters in bankruptcy. First, let’s run though the typically scenario of the cross-collateralization clause in effect.  

Tax Refunds and Bankruptcy

People that file bankruptcy between January and mid-April (during tax season) often ask what happens to their tax refund and what can they do to protect it. Today’s post discusses ways to protect your 2020 tax refund depending on if you have already received your refund (but not spent it) or are expecting a refund.